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Guess what

2008-12-02 20:41:46 by TikTokClockworkGirl

Encyclopedia Dramatica is made for lulz. My god, people. Usually I do not get on rants, but the amount of wank I've seen over the AE Newgrounds article is absolutely pathetic. (And also hilarious.) It's a parody site, gentlemen. It's a site dedicated to trolling the everliving daylights out of everyone. Calm down, really.

It's funny. Laugh.

Guess what


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2008-12-02 21:42:58

Been there done that, no tshirt though. D:
Whats up? You seem new, LETS BE FRIENDS FOREVER!!! >:(

(Updated ) TikTokClockworkGirl responds:

:3 right-o. I've been lurking for ever, but recently joined up.