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Pointless letter on the internets

2008-12-12 00:48:42 by TikTokClockworkGirl

I need to strengthen my resolve, so I'm going to post my bitter, break up letter right here on NG. So:

Dear boy,

You crushed me, yesterday, when you decided that you wanted to be with her, not me. When you left me, I couldn't stop crying. Now, though, I've decided to take my revenge. I'm going to get back my former physique, I'm going to doll myself up, and I'm going to go out there and make you realize just what you were stupid enough to give up. I was the best thing that ever happened to you, and I'm going to make you realize that. I am one hell of a tough cookie, babe. You just never knew it. I'll charm the pants off of every room I walk into, I'm going to be all that I can be, I'm going to be my smart, successful self, and you are going to realize just what you gave up. And I'm not going to take you back.

Kicking ass and taking names,


Pointless letter on the internets


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2008-12-12 05:59:05

Well...don't get too angry...cause this is for yourself...not for him.

If he felt you weren't worth his time...then neither is he worth "your" time.

And if your allowing him to be a reason to go to unreasonable lengths to "doctor" yourself up for "looks" rather then by love...

I'm seeing something wrong with your reaction.

So what if your the most beautiful girl in the whole world...what mattes most to the "good" guys is a "good" heart.

Cause beautiful is only worth about 40 years or so...all that we have left is our personalities.

I once though it was about looks myself...went through diets, gunning my wallet to buy fad clothes, (a term we call "Peacocking") and all it got me was a bunch of hot and heartless women who I cannot relate to. I couldn't even sleep with them cause I was disgusted with their attitudes....

I'm walking down this homeless dude...he asks for some money...and I was about to give him some and the girl says "Fuck Off you loser."

Well...to make a long story short...

I could care less if your the hottest babe around....making men turn corners and such...do you really want to attract that sort of men?

Ones who only care about your body and not yourself?

Cause once your aged and all "used" up....he'll dump you same as your exboyfriend...

To me....HEART...is everything....and more important than looks.

Don't let this break-up fuel rash decisions and actions.

He wasn't worth being with...so look on the bright side....

Now you KNOW...he's not worth it.

And that there is somebody BETTER for you.

Take Care Tik...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dOoArw Pb5wY

TikTokClockworkGirl responds:

This is really just for me, so I can get over him.


2008-12-12 06:22:58

For the record...I just wear shorts and t-shirt every day if I'm not working...

And I'm just being casual and happy just being single.
feeling like this...if I'm not stressed with school.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2IB6V lIIAw

One day...I'll meet Miss' right..and if not...meh...as long as I lived a happy life.
I've seen it happen before...and the best way to see if it does happen to your life is to "not try"

I grew up with this idea...that we HAVE to find some significant other...that we gotta have sex. Sure it's primal urges...

But once you look past that...it's all about how you can live...you know...just...live?

I'm not sure how to explain it...

But that music above explains how I feel...

the feelings could be different from your reaction...but...

Don't be sad, don't be angry, don't be discouraged....

I can't say I'm here for ya...cause I'm not...

But I can offer this....

"What you see in life is what you want it to be...and we often think that we have to live life a certain way...but what matters is how you want to live it...and who knows...maybe someday...someone would like to share their life with me...and we'll share our lives together...almost naturally and effortlessly....and if there is a reason why we can't share our lives together anymore...then I'm not sad...as we are both free spirits...comming and going as we please..."

TikTokClockworkGirl responds:

Secondly, dude, who are you to tell me how to live?


2008-12-15 02:42:18

lol...fail. you're letting him win twice. not only did he make you feel like shit by dumping your ass, but hes making you feel like a spiteful, jealous bitch (for lack of a better word), seeing as you're going to try so hard to make him jealous and regretful. fuck, you're going to go on a diet for him? and doll yourself up? and try to charm random people in his premises?! you're basically letting him grab you by the balls. his opinion obviously matters way more to you than it should...hes not even your boyfriend any more. by caring this much about what he thinks, you're only letting him win even more, which makes it all the funnier that you think this is your revenge.

TikTokClockworkGirl responds:

Dude, who said I'm going on a diet? I like my red meat. I just meant that I'd start weight lifting again. Also, I'm going to be charming because I know I can.

Secondly, fuck you. I deal in my own way.


2008-12-16 01:00:53

Yeh, well, you're all ghey.

Sean>You all. Suck my balls.

Peace out.