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New glasses!

2008-12-15 18:01:00 by TikTokClockworkGirl

IIIIiiiiii got new glaaaaaaaaaases! *is quite pleased*

New glasses!


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2008-12-15 21:50:48

Hmm...now blue frames.

Not gamer...now avid reader and intellectual.


2008-12-16 01:01:47

Sean > You all

Suck it. I love you. Irish power.

Jak sucks.

TikTokClockworkGirl responds:



2008-12-16 06:21:39

Nice! I bought the cheapest ones in store myself, they look like shit, but the main thing is that they make me see though :/

TikTokClockworkGirl responds:

I'm pretty much blind without mine. :(


2008-12-18 20:19:49

You said Hongkongexpress I do believe I love you.... in the 'I love a fictional Character' thread... well thank you very much.

TikTokClockworkGirl responds:

I ALWAYS appreciate a fantastic retort- even when it's directed towards me. Well done, good sir. Well done.


2008-12-23 23:10:15

I hope you're only newsing with a person you really love, or you're a newswhore like me.

(I hope you're making meaningful posts. The amount of newsposts you make doesn't matter if you pack lots of meaning into them. I think you did.