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Alright, again.

2008-12-23 23:38:51 by TikTokClockworkGirl

Mmkay, so apparently the way I draw myself isn't "believable". So, you know what? Friggin' cartoon style. Have fun with that. I'm not going to do a realistic drawing every time I want to post in a Paint thread. Yeaaaa.

Alright, again.


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2008-12-23 23:41:29

Hmmm why not draw yourself with some style


http://alxellis.newgrounds.com/news/p ost/242881

Only from AlxEllis

TikTokClockworkGirl responds:

Fantastic- I can attack with the swiftness of many cats. Or sommat like that. Methinks I've had too much sugar.


2008-12-23 23:45:53

At least you can draw, and pretty good, too. I have the drawing skills of a 3rd grader.

TikTokClockworkGirl responds:

Thankies. Mainly just a lot of boredom and practice on my part, though.


2008-12-23 23:46:51

Uh...I have nothing to compare with...
I prefer anime/manga style (I mean from the drawing perspective, not spectating). Cartoon physics screw with my head, which needs logic at all times.

TikTokClockworkGirl responds:

I usually draw in a pseudo-manga style, but I also like cartoon, realistic and Marvel style- but for the BBS or other quick things, it's usually the two former.


2008-12-24 00:52:50

my new post iz actualli gonna have a picture of me
none of that draw-yourself phooey <: )