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Entry #11

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

2008-12-26 01:27:38 by TikTokClockworkGirl

Since most of the NGers are male, I figured a pin-up would be a suitable gift. Merry Christmas, all!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!


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2008-12-26 01:42:22

true, the majority of the Newgrounds community is male thirteen year olds


do you play D&D?

I just got the 3.0 book (my friends refuse to use the newest version)

I used to have a twelve rogue but he is lost to the wind (can't find my papers)

so I am making a new character and it will be exciting

I will create a post and alert you with its completion (all assuming you play D&D)

TikTokClockworkGirl responds:

I've all the 3.5 D&D manuals. I also love WoD (World of Darkness). I usually DM, but when I do play, it's a changeling rogue by name of Patch.


2008-12-26 05:42:58

Thank you, and Merry Christmas!


2008-12-30 03:38:48

Admitedly, the model in the pin-up looks a little drunk...

Oh, and great job for post #100.

TikTokClockworkGirl responds:

She had too much eggnog. XD


2010-04-04 11:43:19

I approve.